Arrecifes Artificiales

Development of projects with artificial reefs and related habitats, in their different applications (i.e. fisheries, biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, environmental mitigation, mariculture, ecotourism, bioremediation, coastal erosion and research).

To conduct physical, chemical, ecological and socio-economical characterizations of potential areas for these projects.

Creation of designs and selection of materials for artificial reefs and related habitats, based on environmental features, socioeconomic goals and ecological requirements of the species of interest.

Management for the obtaining of licenses and process for building, transport and deployment of artificial reefs and habitats.

Establishment and execution of monitoring programs for physical, chemical, biological, ecological and socio-economic aspects of artificial reefs and habitats.

Environmental impact assessments and management plans related to their utilization.

INARTI – Research Group of Artificial Reefs and Related Aquatic Habitats. Colciencias Code 0140739.