MoAm is a company committed to the environment and social groups related to it. Our goal is to provide services for the development of any environmental activity on ecosystems and habitats from the marine, coastal, and terrestrial areas, in order to improve the understanding, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources.

MoAm operates on a wide geographical range of Colombian territory, with autonomy and adequate logistic infrastructure, being in the country a leader in this type of services, with current presence in the Caribbean region. Its interdisciplinary team with highly qualified professional and technicians from different areas of Natural and Social Sciences, working articulately with clients and allied to develop, promote, and achieve each of their initiatives and requirements, or performing MoAm proposals, strengthening the participatory activities of the companies with their socio-environmental surrounding.


MoAm has as starting point, research projects and the implementation of environmental monitoring. Added to this, makes socio-economical assessments, biodiversity evaluations, educational activities, impact assessments, consultancies and supplies, gathered in a variety of disciplines specializing on effective environmental solutions.

MoAm conducts its activity with local communities, companies, institutions, and organizations, both public and private, with the objective to provide the scientific knowledge necessary for the formulation of adaptive environmental strategies, as an agent in the development and improvement of quality of life of human population, in communion with nature.


MoAm established as a high-level competitive research company, with national and international recognition in the autonomous development of its activities, immersed on a deep commitment to the rational use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation.

MoAm is an alternative for who needs and have interest in approaching to the environmental reality of their growing business purposes.