Artificial Reefs Morrosquillo

Assessment of artificial reefs in the frame of Program Diáspora, Gulf of Morrosquillo, Departments of Córdoba and Sucre, Colombian Caribbean, 2008 – 2017.

Program Diáspora is an inter-institutional initiative leading by ECOPETROL S.A., together with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Sucre (CARSUCRE) and Regional Autonomous Corporation of Sinú and San Jorge Valleys (CVS), Cements ARGOS S.A., Government of Sucre, Municipalities of Santiago de Tolú, Coveñas and San Antero, National Learning Service (SENA) and artisanal fishermen communities.

The main goal of Program Diáspora is the deployment of 100 artificial reefs during five stages, to enhance artisanal fishery, promote biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, as well as to avoid any hazard in space utilization by fishermen inside the restricted area for marine operations of ECOPETROL.

In the frame of this Program, MoAm since 2008, has leading the assessment of ARs on aspects such as:

  • Advice for design and spatial configuration of the reefs
  • Evaluation of artisanal fishery in the influence area of the project
  • Physical diagnosis of the deployed reefs
  • Assessment of the ecological dynamic, biodiversity and productivity of the ARs
  • Environmental education with the artisanal fishermen communities
  • Presentation of results locally and internationally
  • Publications