Assessment Strategic Ecosystems

Rapid assessment of strategic ecosystems to the works of the Port Society Graneles del Golfo S.A., Gulf of Morrosquillo, Córdoba, 2013.

The execution of marine and coastal infrastructure works for the development of industrial activities, must be based on the fulfillment of requirements made by the Colombian environmental authority, such as the baseline characterization of ecosystems and related biological communities, along with the corresponding environmental impact assessment (EIA).

To complement the gaps in information about the marine ecosystems in the area and generate part of the inputs for the EIA,  it was performed a secondary bibliographic review for seagrass bed, benthic, and rocky littoral ecosystems, as well as in phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fishing communities. On the other hand, a rapid assessment of coral reefs ecosystems was made, with the assessment of fishes assemblages and the coverage of reef benthic component.

Finally, it was established the possible impacts of the activities related to infrastructure works, alternatives for minimizing their effects, as well as recommendations for management and monitoring plans.