Lagoon Mangrove State

Environmental and diversity assessment of the coastal lagoons and mangrove forests in Pozos Colorados Bay, Colombian Caribbean, 2018.

Coastal lagoons and the associated mangrove forests are highly productive and diverse ecosystems submitted to the effects of anthropogenic impacts. These environments thrive within the activities of coastal development in Pozos Colorados Bay

Aiming to know the actual state and potential impacts upon these ecosystems, the District Administrative Department for the Environmental Sustainability – DADSA in an agreement with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Magdalena – CORPAMAG, contracted a rapid environmental assessment that was conducted through the following activities:

  • Ecological and diversity assessment of fishes and birds communities
  • Evaluation of the mangrove forest structure, phyto-sanitary, and conservation status
  • Determination of water and sediment quality in the lagoon
  • Proposal of management measures for restoration, conservation and protection
  • Local institutional presentation of results