Lionfish Management Guajira

Management actions to control lionfish Pterois volitans in Dibulla, La Guajira, Caribbean 2023-2024

The lionfish Pterois volitans is an invasive species in the West Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, which has negative impacts on biodiversity and the equilibrium of marine ecosystems. The lionfish consumes more than 250 fishes and crustaceans and has venom spines which is a risk to human health. Under the “Plans for the Management and Control of the Lionfish in the Colombian Caribbean”, and the “Action Plan 2020 – 2024 of the Autonomous Regional Corporation of La Guajira – Corpoguajira”, it is proposing a project to implement control actions over the invasive species in the municipality of Dibulla.

The study includes the following activities:

  • Participative diagnostic on the distribution of Pterois volitans
  • Communities and stakeholders perception on the presence of Pterois volitans
  • Assessement of the population density and selected biological variables of Pterois volitans
  • Participative extraction of Pterois volitans
  • Divulgation and sensitize the community to the problem of the Pterois volitans invasion