Thermoelectric Fauna Monitoring

Monitoring of wild fauna in the dry tropical forest adjacent to the influence area of Termonorte, Neguanje sector, Magdalena, Colombian Caribbean 2019-2020.

Plants for energy generation such as thermoelectric can incur environmental impacts regarding the operation mode and area of implementation, but the knowledge about their effects in the biodiversity and ecosystems are scarce and with limited assessment.

Termonorte is located in the Neguanje sector and it was determined that the construction and operation phases would have effects on the landscape features, forest coverage, habitats, and air quality.

In order to establish the potential impacts of the thermoelectric in the wild fauna associated with the dry tropical forest adjacent to its influence area, Termonorte contracted the research services of MoAm to execute this requirement through the following activities:

  • Establishment of a survey design in a distance gradient regarding the potential effects from the thermoelectric
  • Ecological assessment of the communities of large and median mammals, birds and herpetofauna during the dry and wet season
  • Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to determine the potential impacts
  • Updating the geodatabase of Termonorte wild fauna according the requirements of the environmental authority