Responsible Fishing Santa Marta

Education program of responsible fishing for the artisanal fishers of the Santa Marta Bay, Magdalena, Caribbean of Colombia 2020-2021

In the frame of the social and environmental policies of the Port Society of Santa Marta S.A. and the Coal Operator of Santa Marta Ltda. located in the Bay of the same name, the companies support the artisanal fishermen communities to strengthen their traditional knowledge through an education program of responsible fishing, aiming to improve the fishing practices using up to date.

In this project MoAm established a program for the participants to identify the associated problems with fisheries practiced in an unsustainable way. The ultimate goal is to promote the implementation of strategies, tools, and alternatives based in the ecosystems that allow to mitigate the environmental impacts of the fishing activities, and thus enhance the economic opportunities for the communities.

The responsable education program has the following modules:

  • Actual stage of the global fisheries and the artisanal national fishing
  • Marine and coastal ecosystem of Colombia: relevance for the artisanal fisheries
  • Responsible fishing: generalities, indicators and ecosystems-based management
  • Responsible fishing practices