Participative Fishing Monitoring

Participative monitoring of artisanal fishery and fisheries resources associated to the influence area of the coal exportation companies in the Gulf of Salamanca, Magdalena, Colombian Caribbean 2019-2020.

The artisanal fishery is a traditional activity in the Colombian Caribbean and fundamental to the development of communities regarding food security, nutrition, social fabric, and local economy.

Similar to other areas in the world, the actual state of the fisheries is critical and shows clear signals of decline owing to a variety of circumstances such as overfishing, coastal development, climate change, pollution, and ecosystem degradation, among other causes.

In this context, the companies Prodeco S.A. and Drummond Ltd. are aware of the impacts their activities generate upon the natural resources, promote the sustainable development and the enhancement of the quality of life of surrounding communities under the frame of corporate social responsibility policies.

In that regard, the companies contracted the research services of MoAm to execute participative monitoring of the artisanal fishery in their area of influence in the Gulf of Salamanca, according to the following activities:

  • Community training in topics related with assessment of fishery resources and biodiversity
  • Community organization and guidance for the execution of the participative fishery monitoring
  • Collection and analysis of base line socio-economic information of the fishing communities
  • Characterization of the fishing fleet and the sort of fishery implemented in the area
  • Assessment of the spatial and temporal dynamic of the artisanal fishery and associated fisheries resources
  • Presentation of results to the communities, companies and other related institutions