Creation Natural Reserve

Creation of a natural reserve in the Criadero Capri, Córdoba, Colombian Caribbean 2021-2023

The effects of climate change and the human activities upon the state of the ecosystems, the biodiversity, and their services, reveal the degradation process, loss of functionality, and the constant threat to which they are submitted. Within the sustainable development goals (SDG) to mitigate the actual tendencies of the natural resources, it has been proposed the creation of protected areas that attain the 30 % of the terrestrial surface.

In these regards, the Criadero Capri is the ideal place to advance in conservation and sustainability initiatives associated with its productive and cultural traditions. The area has an invaluable natural capital with the presence of different ecosystems and environments, some of them strategic such as forests, wetlands, and freshwater resources, as well as great biodiversity and endangered species, which in conjunction offer a variety of ecosystem services to the communities.

The conformation of a natural reserve is a conservation strategy within the management categories used in Colombia to fulfill the SDG goals, among those goals the 13 – climate action and 15 – life on land. To create the protected area, the Criadero Capri and MoAm joined forces to achieve this objective through the following activities:

  • Environmental diagnosis conducted with GIS tools and secondary information analysis to the study area
  • Ecological and biodiversity assessment of the main biological groups (i.e., vegetation, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and fishes)
  • Socioeconomic and cultural evaluation of the communities in the influence area
  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts affecting the ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Construction of the environmental management plan to the reserve.