Corals Seagrass Magdalena

Ecological and biodiversity assessment of coral reefs and seagrass ecosystems in the jurisdiction of CORPAMAG, Magdalena, Colombian Caribbean 2017-2019.

The region of Santa Marta has strategic marine and coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs and seagrass beds. These environments provide important ecosystem services but are submitted to a variety of impacts, mainly anthropogenic.

Although these environments and their biological components have been studied for decades, there are information gaps in terms of spatial distribution and extension, as well as in the diversity of some biological groups. Furthermore, from ten years ago monitoring of their condition has not been conducted.

In that regard, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Magdalena – CORPAMAG financed the evaluation of the actual stage of these ecosystems focused on the update of their extension and biodiversity. Therefore, MoAm executed this study through the following activities:

  • Analysis of existent bibliographic information about ecosystems location, distribution, and diversity of the biological components
  • Bathymetric prospections, cartography, and distribution of the ecosystems
  • Ecological and biodiversity assessment of fishes, mobile macroinvertebrates, and the benthic component (i.e., algae, sponges, corals, octocorals, etc.)
  • Assessment of the physical and chemical characteristics of the water
  • Proposal for the environmental management plan for these ecosystems
  • Presentation of results through biodiversity platforms, institutional and academic events, as well as in publications